Appendix A. Flumotion Services S.A.

Flumotion Services S.A. is the company that develops and maintains the Flumotion software. They can help you deploy and administer Flumotion systems, providing additional Flumotion components and utilities where necessary, and integrating with your existing systems.

For large customers, their Flumotion Streaming Platform deals with issues encountered when streaming a large amount of content to a large number of users, controlling access to content and dealing with billing for the users. For instance, when streaming a popular sporting event.

The Flumotion Streaming Platform use clustering and load balancing software to distribute the load over several worker computers, allowing more simultaneous viewers than would be possible with a single streaming server.

The Flumotion Streaming Platform can also transcode content automatically, simplifying on-demand streaming when you wish to provide the content in many formats and many quality levels. Transcoding is also available as a separate service via FTP.

See flumotion-services