The Smoke Encoder Page

On this page you can specify how your raw video data should be encoded with the Smoke encoder, which generates JPEG frames and delta frames.

You may enter percentage values in the Minimum Quality and Maximum Quality fields. Higher quality levels will require more network bandwidth.

The Threshold fields specifies how much each 16x16 block of pixels may differ before a new block is generated. A higher value will cause more blocks to stay the same for more frames, decreasing bandwidth usage, but producing less accurate output.

The Time Between Key Frames field allows you to reduce playback latency by specifying a shorter time between key frames, at the cost of a higher bit rate or lower quality.

The worker drop-down choice allows you to choose what computer this component should run on, for instance if the camera is attached to a different computer that is available via the network. This allows you to distribute tasks across several server computers. See the Deployment chapter to learn how to create extra workers. The Configuration Assistant would then offer these workers in the drop-down choice after connecting to their manager.

See also the smoke-encoder component reference documentation.

Figure E.21. The Configuration Assistant's Smoke Encoder Page

The Configuration Assistant's Smoke Encoder Page