The Encoding Page

On this page you can specify how your stream should be encoded, making best use of bandwidth and providing the content in a format expected by client players.

In the Basic version of the Flumotion Streaming Server, we offer a choice of high-quality free codecs. Most are part of the Ogg family of codecs provided by xiph. The full version also supports a wide range of licensed proprietary codecs such as Windows Media, MP3 or Adobe Flash, to support common media player software.

The Format drop-down choice lets you choose a container format for the stream. When you select a Format, the Video and Audio drop-down choices will be filled with the encodings supported by the chosen Format.

The Video drop-down lets you specify a video encoding for your stream.

The Audio drop-down lets you specify an audio encoding for your stream.

Figure E.18. The Configuration Assistant's Encoding Page

The Configuration Assistant's Encoding Page