The HTTP Streamer (Audio Only) Page

On this page you can specify extra details for the HTTP Stream. You will see this page if you selected Audio Only HTTP Streaming on the Consumption Page.

The Mount Point field specifies the second part of the URL from which the files will be available. >For instance, on the server, with an /ogg-audio/ mount point, on port 8880, the stream would then be available from the URL.

Select the Publish embedded java player page option to serve an additional HTTP page containing a Cortado java player applet, avoiding the need for your users to install a suitable client player. This will be available at a /cortado/ URL at your mount point.

The worker drop-down choice allows you to choose what computer this component should run on, for instance if the camera is attached to a different computer that is available via the network. This allows you to distribute tasks across several server computers. See the Deployment chapter to learn how to create extra workers. The Configuration Assistant would then offer these workers in the drop-down choice after connecting to their manager.

See also the http-streamer component reference documentation.

Figure E.29. The Configuration Assistant's HTTP Streamer (Audio Only) Page

The Configuration Assistant's HTTP Streamer (Audio Only) Page