The Icecast Streamer (Audio and Video) Page

On this page you can specify details of how the stream will be streamed to an Icecast server using shout2. You will see this page if you selected Stream to Icecast2 and Audio & Video on the Consumption Page.

You should specify the Server Hostname and Server Port of an existing Icecast server. That Icecast server will then stream the content further to client players.

The Mount Point field specifies the second part of the URL from which the files will be available. For instance, a Flumotion server, with an /icecast/ mount point, on port 8000 would serve its stream (to the Icecast server) from the URL.

You may password-protect your stream by entering something in the Password field. Users must then enter this password in their shoutcast client players in order to receive your content.

You may specify a Name and Description for your stream, as well as an Associated URL where people can find more information. These will then appear in the shoutcast client player.

The worker drop-down choice allows you to choose what computer this component should run on, for instance if the camera is attached to a different computer that is available via the network. This allows you to distribute tasks across several server computers. See the Deployment chapter to learn how to create extra workers. The Configuration Assistant would then offer these workers in the drop-down choice after connecting to their manager.

See also the shout2-consumer component reference documentation.

Figure E.34. The Configuration Assistant's Icecast Streamer (Audio and Video) Page

The Configuration Assistant's Icecast Streamer (Audio and Video) Page