The Sound Card Page

On this page you can configure the sound inputs. For instance, you might choose the Microphone from the Input drop-down control. This page is rather technical, and may depend on the correct configuration of your computer's sound system.

The Sound System drop-down choice lets you choose between the ALSA and OSS sound systems. Unless you have a good reason not to, you should use the default ALSA sound system.

In case you have multiple sound cards, you may choose the appropriate card from the Device drop-down choice. If no such device exists then you will see a warning on this page.

The Input drop-down choice lets you choose which of the inputs to use from your sound card. For instance, your sound card may have inputs for a microphone or CD.

The Channels drop-down choice lets you choose either a Mono or Stereo sound input.

The Sample Rate and Bit-depth drop-down choices let you specify the quality of the raw sound input. Remember that a higher sample rate and bit-depth will produce more data, requiring more processing power and more network bandwidth.

The worker drop-down choice allows you to choose what computer this component should run on, for instance if the camera is attached to a different computer that is available via the network. This allows you to distribute tasks across several server computers. See the Deployment chapter to learn how to create extra workers. The Configuration Assistant would then offer these workers in the drop-down choice after connecting to their manager.

See also the soundcard-producer component reference documentation.

Figure E.16. The Configuration Assistant's Sound Card Page

The Configuration Assistant's Sound Card Page