The Webcam Page

On this page you can specify which webcam should be used to provide the raw video data, with what resolution and frame rate. Remember that a higher resolution and higher frame rate will produce more data, requiring more processing power and more network bandwidth.

After a short delay, while Flumotion checks what webcams are connected to the worker computer, the Size and Frame Rate drop-down controls will be filled with the choices supported by your camera.

The Device drop-down choice lets you choose a different webcam. If no such webcam exists then you will see a warning on this page. If a valid webcam device is chosen then a description of that camera will be shown on this page.

The Size drop-down choice lets you choose a resolution supported by the selected webcam. Flumotion will then take raw video data from the webcam at that resolution.

The Frame Rate drop-down choice lets you choose the number of frames per second supported by the selected webcam at the selected resolution.

The worker drop-down choice allows you to choose what computer this component should run on, for instance if the camera is attached to a different computer that is available via the network. This allows you to distribute tasks across several server computers. See the Deployment chapter to learn how to create extra workers. The Configuration Assistant would then offer these workers in the drop-down choice after connecting to their manager.

See also the webcam-producer component reference documentation.

Figure E.11. The Configuration Assistant's Webcam Page

The Configuration Assistant's Webcam Page