Package flumotion :: Package admin :: Package gtk :: Module greeter :: Class StartNew
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Class StartNew

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            gtk.VBox --+        
                       | --+        
                       |    --+    
     common.log.Loggable --+    
           wizard.WizardStep --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
on_has_selection(self, widget, has_selection) source code
on_next(self, state) source code
finished(self, result) source code

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Class Variables [hide private]
  name = 'start_new'
  title = _('Start a new manager and worker')
  text = _("""This will start a new manager and worker for y...
  start_worker_check = None
  next_pages = ['start_new_error', 'start_new_success']
  _timeout_id = None

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on_next(self, state)

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Overrides: on_next

Class Variable Details [hide private]


_("""This will start a new manager and worker for you.

The manager and worker will run under your user account.
The manager will only accept connections from the local machine.
This mode is only useful for testing Flumotion.