Package flumotion :: Package admin :: Package gtk :: Module wizard :: Class Wizard
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Class Wizard

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     gobject.GObject --+    
                       | --+    
                       | --+

A generic wizard.

This wizard runs its own GObject main loop.
The wizard is run with the run() method.

  w = Wizard('foo', 'first-step', FirstStep) => {'bank-account': 'foo'}

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, initial_page) source code
_setup_ui(self) source code
set_page(self, name) source code
on_delete_event(self, *window) source code
on_next(self, button) source code
on_prev(self, button) source code
set_sensitive(self, is_sensitive) source code
Run in a recursive main loop.
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Show the wizard.
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Inherited from connect_signal, destroy, with_blocked_signal

Class Variables [hide private]
  name = None
  steps = []
str glade_file = ''
filename of glade file containing the interface
  page = None
  page_stack = []
  pages = {}
  state = {}

Inherited from interesting_signals, window

Inherited from (private): _window

Instance Variables [hide private]

Inherited from glade_dir, glade_typedict, widgets

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, initial_page)

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  • initial_page (str) - name of the WizardStep to start on


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Run in a recursive main loop. Will block until the user finishes or closes the wizard.


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Show the wizard. Returns a deferred that fires when the user has closed the wizard, either via completing the process or has cancelled somehow.

a deferred that will fire the state dict accumulated by the pages, or None on cancel