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Class Message

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 twisted.spread.jelly.Jellyable --+        
twisted.spread.flavors.Serializable --+    
        twisted.spread.flavors.Copyable --+
   twisted.spread.jelly.Unjellyable --+   |
                                      |   |
      twisted.spread.flavors.RemoteCopy --+
       twisted.python.util.FancyEqMixin --+

I am a message to be shown in a UI.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, level, translatable, debug=None, id=None, priority=50, timestamp=None) source code
__repr__(self) source code
add(self, translatable) source code

Inherited from twisted.spread.flavors.Copyable: getStateToCopy, getStateToCopyFor, getTypeToCopy, getTypeToCopyFor, jellyFor

Inherited from twisted.spread.flavors.Serializable: processUniqueID

Inherited from twisted.spread.jelly.Jellyable: __providedBy__, getStateFor

Inherited from twisted.spread.flavors.RemoteCopy: setCopyableState, unjellyFor

Inherited from twisted.spread.jelly.Unjellyable: setStateFor

Inherited from twisted.python.util.FancyEqMixin: __eq__, __ne__

Class Variables [hide private]
  compareAttributes = ['level', 'translatables', 'debug', 'id', ...

Inherited from twisted.spread.flavors.Copyable: __implemented__, __provides__

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, level, translatable, debug=None, id=None, priority=50, timestamp=None)

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  • level - ERROR, WARNING or INFO
  • translatable - a translatable possibly with markup for linking to documentation or running commands.
  • debug - further, untranslated, debug information, not always shown
  • priority - priority compared to other messages of the same level
  • timestamp - time since epoch at which the message was generated, in seconds.

Class Variable Details [hide private]


['level', 'translatables', 'debug', 'id', 'priority', 'timestamp']