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Class PackageHooks

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ihooks._Verbose --+    
       ihooks.Hooks --+

I am an import Hooks object that makes sure that every package that gets loaded has every necessary path in the module's __path__ list.

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Inherited from ihooks.Hooks: listdir_error, openfile_error

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load_package(self, name, filename, file=None) source code

Inherited from ihooks.Hooks: add_module, default_path, get_frozen_object, get_suffixes, init_builtin, init_frozen, is_builtin, is_frozen, listdir, load_compiled, load_dynamic, load_source, modules_dict, new_module, openfile, path_exists, path_isabs, path_isdir, path_isfile, path_islink, path_join, path_split

Inherited from ihooks._Verbose: __init__, get_verbose, message, note, set_verbose

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Packager packager = None
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load_package(self, name, filename, file=None)

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Overrides: ihooks.Hooks.load_package