Package flumotion :: Package common :: Module reflectcall
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Module reflectcall

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getting coherent errors when calling procedures in named modules

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reflectCallCatching(err, moduleName, methodName, *args, **kwargs) source code
createComponent(moduleName, methodName) source code
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reflectCallCatching(err, moduleName, methodName, *args, **kwargs)

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  • err (Exception) - The type of error to throw
  • moduleName (string) - name of the module to load
  • methodName (string

    Invokes a function in a given module, marshalling all errors to be of a certain type.

    ) - name of the function to call

createComponent(moduleName, methodName)

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  • moduleName (string) - name of the module to create the component from
  • methodName (string

    Invokes the entry point for a component in the given module using the given factory method, thus creating the component.

    ) - the factory method to use to create the component
Returns: flumotion.component.component.BaseComponent