Package flumotion :: Package component :: Package misc :: Package porter :: Module porter :: Class PorterProtocolFactory
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Class PorterProtocolFactory

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twisted.internet.protocol.Factory --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, porter, protocol) source code
buildProtocol(self, addr)
Create an instance of a subclass of Protocol.
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Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.Factory: __providedBy__, doStart, doStop, startFactory, stopFactory

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.Factory: __implemented__, __provides__, noisy, numPorts, protocol

Method Details [hide private]

buildProtocol(self, addr)

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Create an instance of a subclass of Protocol.

The returned instance will handle input on an incoming server connection, and an attribute "factory" pointing to the creating factory.

Override this method to alter how Protocol instances get created.

  • addr - an object implementing twisted.internet.interfaces.IAddress
Overrides: twisted.internet.protocol.Factory.buildProtocol
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