Package flumotion :: Package component :: Package misc :: Package porter :: Module porterclient :: Class PorterClientFactory
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Class PorterClientFactory

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          twisted.internet.protocol.Factory --+            
        twisted.internet.protocol.ClientFactory --+        
                  twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory --+    
                                common.log.Loggable --+    
          twisted.internet.protocol.Factory --+       |    
                                              |       |    
        twisted.internet.protocol.ClientFactory --+   |    
                                                  |   |    
twisted.internet.protocol.ReconnectingClientFactory --+    
                 twisted.pb.ReconnectingPBClientFactory --+
Known Subclasses:

A PB client factory that knows how to log into a Porter. Lives in streaming components, and accepts FDs passed over this connection.

Nested Classes [hide private]

Inherited from twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory: protocol

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, childFactory)
Create a PorterClientFactory that will use childFactory to create protocol instances for clients attached to the FDs received over this connection.
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buildProtocol(self, addr)
Create an instance of a subclass of Protocol.
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registerPath(self, path) source code
deregisterPath(self, path) source code
registerPrefix(self, prefix) source code
deregisterPrefix(self, prefix) source code
registerDefault(self) source code
deregisterDefault(self) source code

Inherited from twisted.pb.ReconnectingPBClientFactory: clientConnectionFailed, clientConnectionLost, clientConnectionMade, gotDeferredLogin, startLogin

Inherited from twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory: disconnect, getPerspective, getRootObject, login

Inherited from twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory (private): _cbResponse, _cbSendUsername, _failAll, _reset

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.ClientFactory: startedConnecting

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.Factory: __providedBy__, doStart, doStop, startFactory, stopFactory

Inherited from common.log.Loggable: debug, doLog, error, info, log, logFunction, logObjectName, warning, warningFailure

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.ReconnectingClientFactory: resetDelay, retry, stopTrying

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory: unsafeTracebacks

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.Factory: __implemented__, __provides__, noisy, numPorts

Inherited from common.log.Loggable: logCategory

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.ReconnectingClientFactory: connector, continueTrying, delay, maxRetries, retries

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.ReconnectingClientFactory (private): _callID

Instance Variables [hide private]

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.ReconnectingClientFactory: factor, initialDelay, jitter, maxDelay

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, childFactory)

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Create a PorterClientFactory that will use childFactory to create protocol instances for clients attached to the FDs received over this connection.

Overrides: twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory.__init__

buildProtocol(self, addr)

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Create an instance of a subclass of Protocol.

The returned instance will handle input on an incoming server connection, and an attribute "factory" pointing to the creating factory.

Override this method to alter how Protocol instances get created.

  • addr - an object implementing twisted.internet.interfaces.IAddress
Overrides: twisted.internet.protocol.Factory.buildProtocol
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