Package flumotion :: Package twisted :: Module credentials :: Class UsernameSha256PasswordCryptChallenger
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Class UsernameSha256PasswordCryptChallenger

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Known Subclasses:

I take a username.

Authenticator will give me a salt and challenge me. Requester will respond to the challenge. At that point I'm ready to be used by a checker. The response function used is flumotion.twisted.credentials.cryptRespond()

I implement IUsernameSha256Password.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, username) source code
setPassword(self, password)
I encode a given plaintext password using the salt, and respond to the challenge.
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checkSha256Password(self, sha256Password)
Check credentials against the given sha256Password.
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Object Specification Descriptor
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<implementedBy flumotion.twisted.credentials.UsernameSha256PasswordCry\


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