Package flumotion :: Package twisted :: Module pb :: Class FPBClientFactory
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Class FPBClientFactory

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  twisted.internet.protocol.Factory --+        
twisted.internet.protocol.ClientFactory --+    
          twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory --+
                        common.log.Loggable --+
Known Subclasses:

I am an extended Perspective Broker client factory using generic keycards for login.

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Inherited from twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory: protocol

Instance Methods [hide private]
defer.Deferred returning list of str
Ask the remote PB server for all the keycard interfaces it supports.
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login(self, authenticator)
Login, respond to challenges, and eventually get perspective from remote PB server.
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_cbSendUsername(self, root, username, password, avatarId, client, interfaces) source code
_cbSendKeycard(self, root, authenticator, client, interfaces, count=0) source code
_cbLoginCallback(self, result, root, authenticator, client, interfaces, count) source code

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Inherited from twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory (private): _cbResponse, _failAll, _reset

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Class Variables [hide private]
  logCategory = 'FPBClientFactory'
Implementors can provide a category to log their messages under.

Inherited from twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory: unsafeTracebacks

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.Factory: __implemented__, __provides__, noisy, numPorts

Instance Variables [hide private]
keycards.Keycard keycard = None
the keycard used last for logging in; set after self.login has completed
flumotion.common.medium.BaseMedium medium = None
the client-side referenceable for the PB server to call on, and for the client to call to the PB server
subclass of flumotion.common.interfaces.IMedium perspectiveInterface = None
the interface we want to request a perspective for
Method Details [hide private]

login(self, authenticator)

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Login, respond to challenges, and eventually get perspective from remote PB server.

Currently only credentials implementing IUsernamePassword are supported.

Deferred of RemoteReference to the perspective.
Overrides: __main__.login

_cbSendUsername(self, root, username, password, avatarId, client, interfaces)

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Overrides: twisted.spread.pb.PBClientFactory._cbSendUsername