Package flumotion :: Package twisted :: Module pb :: Class PingableAvatar
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Class PingableAvatar

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twisted.spread.pb.Avatar --+    
     common.log.Loggable --+    
                      Avatar --+
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Instance Methods [hide private]
perspective_ping(self) source code
startPingChecking(self, disconnect) source code
_pingCheck(self) source code
stopPingChecking(self) source code
setMind(self, mind)
Tell the avatar that the given mind has been attached.
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Inherited from Avatar: __init__, disconnect, mindCallRemote, mindCallRemoteLogging, perspectiveMessageReceived

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Class Variables [hide private]
  _pingCheckInterval = 12.5

Inherited from Avatar: logCategory, remoteLogName

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Method Details [hide private]

setMind(self, mind)

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Tell the avatar that the given mind has been attached. This gives the avatar a way to call remotely to the client that requested this avatar. This is scheduled by the portal after the client has logged in.

Overrides: Avatar.setMind
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