Package flumotion :: Package admin :: Package rrdmon :: Module config :: Class ConfigParser
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Class ConfigParser

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extern.log.log.Loggable --+    
         common.fxml.Parser --+

RRD monitor configuration file parser.

Create a parser via passing the name of the file to parse to __init__. Parse into a dict of properly-typed options by calling parse() on the parser.

Nested Classes [hide private]
Error during parsing of configuration
Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, file) source code
_parseArchive(self, node) source code
_parseSource(self, node) source code
parse(self) source code

Inherited from common.fxml.Parser: checkAttributes, getRoot, parseAttributes, parseFromTable, parseTextNode

Inherited from extern.log.log.Loggable: __providedBy__, debug, doLog, error, info, log, logFunction, logObjectName, warning, warningFailure, writeMarker

Class Variables [hide private]
  logCategory = 'rrdmon-config'
Implementors can provide a category to log their messages under.

Inherited from extern.log.log.Loggable: __implemented__, __provides__

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, file)

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  • file (str or file) - The path to the config file to parse, or a file object