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Module rrdmon

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RRD resource poller daemon for Flumotion.

Makes periodic observations on components' UI states, recording them to
RRD files. One can then extract graphs using rrdtool graph. For example,
to show a stream bandwidth graph for the last 30 minutes with the
example configuration file, in the source tree as
conf/rrdmon/default.xml, the following command makes a graph:

  rrdtool graph --end now --start end-30min --width 400 out.png      DEF:ds0=/tmp/stream-bitrate.rrd:http-streamer:AVERAGE      AREA:ds0#0000FF:"Stream bandwidth (bytes/sec)"

It would be possible to expose these graphs via HTTP, but I don't know
how useful this might be.

See L{flumotion.admin.rrdmon.config} for information on how to configure
the RRD resource poller.

Version: $Rev: 6995 $

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