Package flumotion :: Package component :: Package bouncers :: Module tokentestbouncer :: Class TokenTestBouncer
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Class TokenTestBouncer

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    extern.log.log.Loggable --+    
        tokentest.TokenTestBase --+
             object --+           |
                      |           |
common.common.InitMixin --+       |
                          |       |
extern.log.log.Loggable --+       |
                          |       |
    component.BaseComponent --+   |
                              |   |
                bouncer.Bouncer --+

Nested Classes [hide private]

Inherited from tokentest.TokenTestBase: keycardClasses

Inherited from bouncer.Bouncer: componentMediumClass

Instance Methods [hide private]
Subclasses can implement me to set up the component before it is started.
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Inherited from tokentest.TokenTestBase: do_authenticate, haveProperties

Inherited from bouncer.Bouncer: addKeycard, authenticate, do_stop, expireAllKeycards, expireKeycardId, generateKeycardId, getDomain, getEnabled, hasKeycard, init, keepAlive, removeKeycard, removeKeycardId, setDomain, setEnabled, typeAllowed

Inherited from bouncer.Bouncer (private): _expire

Inherited from component.BaseComponent: __init__, addMessage, adminCallRemote, check_properties, do_check, fixRenamedProperties, getMood, getName, getWorkerName, setMedium, setMood, setShutdownHook, setWorkerName, setup, setup_completed, stop, waitForHappy

Inherited from component.BaseComponent (private): _pollCPU, _pollMemory

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Inherited from extern.log.log.Loggable: __providedBy__, debug, doLog, error, info, log, logFunction, logObjectName, warning, warningFailure, writeMarker

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from tokentest.TokenTestBase: logCategory

Inherited from bouncer.Bouncer: KEYCARD_EXPIRE_INTERVAL

Inherited from extern.log.log.Loggable: __implemented__, __provides__

Instance Variables [hide private]

Inherited from component.BaseComponent: medium, name, uiState

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Inherited from object: __class__

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Subclasses can implement me to set up the component before it is started. It should set up the component, possibly opening files and resources. Non-programming errors should not be raised, but returned as a failing deferred.

The return value may be a deferred.

Overrides: component.BaseComponent.do_setup
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