Package flumotion :: Package component :: Package combiners :: Package switch :: Module basicwatchdog :: Class AVBasicWatchdog
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Class AVBasicWatchdog

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                  object --+                            
     common.common.InitMixin --+                        
     extern.log.log.Loggable --+                        
         component.BaseComponent --+                    
      feedcomponent010.FeedComponent --+                
      feedcomponent.ParseLaunchComponent --+            
feedcomponent.MultiInputParseLaunchComponent --+        
                                   switch.Switch --+    
                                     switch.AVSwitch --+
Known Subclasses:

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Inherited from switch.Switch: componentMediumClass

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A subclass should do as little as possible in its init method.
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feedSetInactive(self, feed) source code
feedSetActive(self, feed) source code

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Inherited from switch.Switch: addWarning, auto_switch, clearWarning, configure_pipeline, create_pipeline, do_setup, do_switch, install_logical_feed_watches, is_active, switch_to

Inherited from feedcomponent.MultiInputParseLaunchComponent: get_muxer_string, get_queue_string, unblock_eater

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Inherited from feedcomponent010.FeedComponent: addEffect, attachPadMonitorToFeeder, bus_message_received_cb, cleanup, connect_feeders, do_pipeline_playing, do_stop, eatFromFD, feedToFD, get_element, get_element_property, get_master_clock, get_pipeline, install_eater_continuity_watch, install_eater_event_probes, make_message_for_gstreamer_error, provide_master_clock, reconnectEater, set_element_property, set_master_clock, setup_completed, stop_pipeline, try_start_pipeline

Inherited from component.BaseComponent: __init__, addMessage, adminCallRemote, check_properties, fixRenamedProperties, getMood, getName, getWorkerName, setMedium, setMood, setShutdownHook, setWorkerName, setup, stop, waitForHappy

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Class Variables [hide private]
  logCategory = 'comb-av-basic-watchdog'
Implementors can provide a category to log their messages under.

Inherited from feedcomponent.MultiInputParseLaunchComponent: QUEUE_SIZE_BUFFERS

Inherited from feedcomponent.ParseLaunchComponent: DELIMITER, DEPAY_TMPL, EATER_TMPL, FDSRC_TMPL, FEEDER_TMPL, checkOffset, checkTimestamp

Inherited from feedcomponent010.FeedComponent: FEEDER_STATS_UPDATE_FREQUENCY

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Inherited from component.BaseComponent: medium, name, uiState

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A subclass should do as little as possible in its init method. In particular, it should not try to access resources.

Failures during init are marshalled back to the manager through the worker's remote_create method, since there is no component state proxied to the manager yet at the time of init.

Overrides: component.BaseComponent.init
(inherited documentation)

feedSetInactive(self, feed)

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Overrides: switch.Switch.feedSetInactive

feedSetActive(self, feed)

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Overrides: switch.Switch.feedSetActive