Package flumotion :: Package component :: Package consumers :: Package httpstreamer :: Module httpstreamer :: Class Stats
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Class Stats

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, sink) source code
_updateAverage(self) source code
clientAdded(self) source code
clientRemoved(self) source code
Periodically, update our statistics on load deltas, and update the UIState with new values for total bytes, bitrate, etc.
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getCurrentBitrate(self) source code
getBytesSent(self) source code
getBytesReceived(self) source code
getUptime(self) source code
getClients(self) source code
getPeakClients(self) source code
getPeakEpoch(self) source code
getAverageClients(self) source code
getUrl(self) source code
getLoadDeltas(self) source code
updateState(self, set) source code
Object Specification Descriptor
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  __implemented__ = <implementedBy flumotion.component.consumers...
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<implementedBy flumotion.component.consumers.httpstreamer.httpstreamer\


<zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvides object at 0xa107b4c>