Package flumotion :: Package component :: Package misc :: Package httpserver :: Module ratecontrol :: Class TokenBucketConsumer
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Class TokenBucketConsumer

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extern.log.log.Loggable --+

Use a token bucket to proxy between a producer (e.g. FileTransfer) and a consumer (TCP protocol, etc.), doing rate control.

The bucket has a rate and a maximum level, so a small burst can be permitted. The initial level can be set to a non-zero value, this is useful to implement burst-on-connect behaviour.

TODO: This almost certainly only works with producers that work like FileTransfer - i.e. they produce data directly in resumeProducing, and ignore pauseProducing. This is sufficient for our needs right now.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, consumer, maxLevel, fillRate, fillLevel=0) source code
Re-fill our token bucket based on how long it has been since we last refilled it.
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_tryWrite(self) source code
_doUnregister(self) source code
_doFinish(self) source code
stopProducing(self) source code
pauseProducing(self) source code
resumeProducing(self) source code
write(self, data) source code
finish(self) source code
registerProducer(self, producer, streaming) source code
unregisterProducer(self) source code

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Class Variables [hide private]
  logCategory = 'token-bucket'
Implementors can provide a category to log their messages under.
  _dripInterval = 1.0

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Re-fill our token bucket based on how long it has been since we last refilled it. Then attempt to write some data.