Package flumotion :: Package extern :: Package command :: Module command :: Class CommandHelpFormatter
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Class CommandHelpFormatter

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    optparse.HelpFormatter --+    
optparse.IndentedHelpFormatter --+

I format the description as usual, but add an overview of commands after it if there are any, formatted like the options.

Instance Methods [hide private]
addCommand(self, name, description) source code
format_description(self, description) source code

Inherited from optparse.IndentedHelpFormatter: __init__, format_heading, format_usage

Inherited from optparse.HelpFormatter: dedent, expand_default, format_epilog, format_option, format_option_strings, indent, set_long_opt_delimiter, set_parser, set_short_opt_delimiter, store_option_strings

Inherited from optparse.HelpFormatter (private): _format_text

Class Variables [hide private]
  _commands = None

Inherited from optparse.HelpFormatter: NO_DEFAULT_VALUE

Method Details [hide private]

format_description(self, description)

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Overrides: optparse.HelpFormatter.format_description