Package flumotion :: Package twisted :: Module defer :: Class RetryingDeferred
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Class RetryingDeferred

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Provides a mechanism to attempt to run some deferred operation until it succeeds. On failure, the operation is tried again later, exponentially backing off.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, deferredCreate, *args, **kwargs)
Create a new RetryingDeferred.
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Start trying.
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cancel(self) source code
_retry(self) source code
_success(self, val) source code
_failed(self, failure) source code
_nextDelay(self) source code

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Class Variables [hide private]
  maxDelay = 1800
  initialDelay = 5.0
  factor = 2.71828182846
  jitter = 0.11962656492
  delay = None
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Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, deferredCreate, *args, **kwargs)

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Create a new RetryingDeferred. Will call deferredCreate(*args, **kwargs) each time a new deferred is needed.

Overrides: object.__init__


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Start trying. Returns a deferred that will fire when this operation eventually succeeds. That deferred will only errback if this RetryingDeferred is cancelled (it will then errback with the result of the next attempt if one is in progress, or a CancelledError. # TODO: yeah?