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Module httpstreamersteps

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HTTP wizard integration

This provides a step which you can chose:
- http port
- bandwidth/client limit
- mount point (eg, the url it will be accessed as)
- burst on connect
- cortado java applet

A component of type 'http-streamer' will always be created.
In addition, if you include the java applet, a 'porter' and
'http-server' will be included to share the port between the streamer
and the server and to serve an html file plus the java applet itself.
On the http-server the applet will be provided with help of a plug.

Version: $Rev: 7015 $

Classes [hide private]
I am a model representing the configuration file for a HTTP streamer component.
I am a line in the plug plugin area representing a single plugin.
I am plugin area representing all available plugins.
I am a step of the configuration wizard which allows you to configure a stream to be served over HTTP.