Package flumotion :: Package worker :: Module job :: Class ComponentJobHeaven
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Class ComponentJobHeaven

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 twisted.spread.jelly.Jellyable --+                
twisted.spread.flavors.Serializable --+            
   twisted.spread.flavors.Referenceable --+        
                twisted.spread.flavors.Root --+    
                    extern.log.log.Loggable --+    
                             base.BaseJobHeaven --+

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Gets the flumotion.common.connection.PBConnectionInfo describing how to connect to the manager.
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spawn(self, avatarId, type, moduleName, methodName, nice, bundles, conf)
Spawn a new job.
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spawn(self, avatarId, type, moduleName, methodName, nice, bundles, conf)

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Spawn a new job.

This will spawn a new flumotion-job process, running under the requested nice level. When the job logs in, it will be told to load bundles and run a function, which is expected to return a component.

  • avatarId (str) - avatarId the component should use to log in
  • type (str) - type of component to start
  • moduleName (str) - name of the module to create the component from
  • methodName (str) - the factory method to use to create the component
  • nice (int) - nice level
  • bundles (list of (str, str)) - ordered list of (bundleName, bundlePath) for this component
  • conf (dict) - component configuration