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These screenshots show you what the administration tool looks like and give you an impression about how Flumotion works.

If you install Flumotion using our supported packages, it will integrate itself with your distribution. This screenshot shows the Fedora/Red Hat service control interface. And you can just start the administration tool by clicking on its menu entry.
Flumotion can support a variety of authentication methods. On a fresh install, the default username for testing is simply 'user' with password 'test'. When you have authenticated, the administration interface appears and the first screen of the wizard pops up.
Flumotion lets you easily choose between a variety of input sources for both audio and video. Once you've chosen a device, you get further wizard steps, like this one for the soundcard, which gives you relevant options specific to your device.
The Flumotion wizard probes your hardware devices to make sure you're controlling the correct device. Here the wizard tells you what type of webcam you have connected. The wizard also lets you easily choose between available formats.
The wizard lets you choose what types of streams you want, and if you want to archive the streams to disk. When the wizard is done, the components start up and appear in the interface. From here, you can control the components and see statistics and logs.
The wizard will warn you of any potential problems with certain versions of GStreamer or any other issues that may arise during the tests it runs. These messages are also translated. GStreamer errors are handled correctly and presented in a meaningful way. These messages are also translated. Here, the permissions on the Firewire device node are not correct.

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