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Release notes for Flumotion Flash 0.10.0 "Yamazaki Single Malt"

The Flumotion team announces a new release of the stable 0.10 branch of the Flumotion components for Flash Video Format.

This module contains a set of flumotion components to stream in Flash Video Format.

  • h264-encoder: Encodes a raw video feed using H264 codec
  • vp6-encoder: Encodes a raw video feed using On2 TrueMotion's VP6 codec
  • flv-encoder: Encodes a raw video feed using Sorenson Spark / H.263 cidec
  • mp3-encoder: An audio encoder that encodes to MP3
  • acc-encoder: An audio encoder that encodes to AAC
  • flv-muxer: Muxes encode feeds into an FLV feed

These components require Fluendo's gstreamer codec plugins. Flumotion Flash is released under the LGPL.


You can find source releases of flumotion-flash in the flumotion-flash download directory.

Flumotion Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website, http://flumotion.net/.

Support and Issues

We use an issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.


You can browse the flumotion-flash git repository from our tracker.

The development version can be obtained from our git repository:
git clone git://code.flumotion.com/flumotion-flash.git

Contributors to this release

  • Andoni Morales Alastruey
  • Johan Dhalin
  • Josep Joan Ribas
  • Julien Le Goff
  • Julien Moutte
  • Marc-André Lureau
  • Michael Smith
  • Pedro garcia
  • Sébastien Merle
  • Thomas Vander Stichele
  • Xavier Francisco
  • Xavier Queralt Mateu

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