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Release notes for Flumotion 0.10.0 "Shunka"

The Flumotion team announces a new release of the stable 0.10 branch of the Flumotion Streaming Server.

Flumotion is a streaming media server created with the backing of Fluendo. It features intuitive graphical administration tools, making the task of setting up and manipulating audio and video streams easy for even novice system administrators. Flumotion is released under the LGPL.

Features of this release

  • Flumotion now supports HTTP Live Streaming with webm

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 1127 : flumotion-admin: The License page is obscure and maybe useless
  • 1205 : wizard's file selector dialog doesn't display current directory
  • 1211 : Flumotion admin segfaults when it is called on a console without a display
  • 1402 : BaseComponent.removeMessage
  • 1416 : registry cache should be updated atomically
  • 1527 : Create a base class for Audio/Video producers
  • 1528 : Add support for XIncllude in the components XML
  • 1531 : Compound properties are not properly formatted when exporting configuration using the admin


You can find source releases of flumotion in the flumotion download directory.

Flumotion Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website, http://flumotion.net/.

Support and Issues

We use an issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.


You can browse the flumotion git repository from our tracker.

The development version can be obtained from our git repository:
git clone git://code.flumotion.com/flumotion.git

Contributors to this release

  • Andoni Morales Alastruey
  • Josep Joan Ribas
  • Julien Le Goff
  • Marek Kowalski
  • Pau Capella
  • SĂ©bastien Merle
  • Theodoris Paschidis
  • Thomas Vander Stichele
  • Tim Ansell
  • Xavier Francisco
  • Xavier Queralt Mateu
  • Zaheer Abbas Merali

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