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Release notes for FlumotionĀ 0.4.0 "Camp Nou"

The Flumotion team is happy to announce a new release of the stable 0.4 branch of the Flumotion Streaming Server. Flumotion is a streaming server for GNU/Linux systems featuring an easy to use configuration and administration GUI. Implemented using GStreamer as the processing backend and using python and Twisted for the high-level operations and GUI, it combines a wide feature set with ease of use.

Features of this release

  • dropped support for GStreamer 0.8
  • dropped support for Twisted 1.3.0
  • workers only expose one TCP port for feeds now
  • porter component allows sharing one TCP port for all streamers
  • added plugs and sockets for finer-grained extensibility
  • added a static file serving component
  • workers and jobs reconnect on network failures
  • components reconnect feeds on network failures
  • added integration test framework
  • Greatly improved and more flexible http burst-on-connect
  • Allow setting a maximum duration for http connections
  • Add simple icecast-stream relaying component
  • Add component that takes GDP-payloaded data from a unix socket
  • iCal based bouncer, to specify that clients may only connect during a specific time of day
  • Restarting a manager while a flow is running now works reliably
  • The disker component can now be remotely controlled to start/stop recording, and to automatically maintain symlinks to the latest recording
  • Many component properties were renamed to make them more consistent
  • The http-server component is now more reliable, and has GTK UI
  • Components in the GTK UI now show information about their feeders
  • Network clock synchronisation now works in more cases
  • Workers and their jobs can now have their logs rotated

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 523 : when disk is full, disker goes sad, but without any message in the admin ui
  • 551 : manager restart makes component marked as lost by mistake
  • 552 : components logging back in from lost proxy jobstate keys in incorrect order


You can find source releases of flumotion in the flumotion download directory.

Flumotion Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website, http://flumotion.net/.

Support and Issues

We use an issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.


You can browse the flumotion git repository from our tracker.

The development version can be obtained from our git repository:
git clone git://code.flumotion.com/flumotion.git

Contributors to this release

  • Andy Wingo
  • Michael Smith
  • Sebastien Merle
  • Thomas Vander Stichele
  • Zaheer Merali

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