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Release notes for Flumotion 0.5.4 "EAT"

The Flumotion team announces a new release of the development 0.5 branch of the Flumotion Streaming Server.

Flumotion is a streaming media server created with the backing of Fluendo. It features intuitive graphical administration tools, making the task of setting up and manipulating audio and video streams easy for even novice system administrators. Flumotion is released under the GPL.

Release overview

Yet another step in the long march towards a stable release. We made sure we close more bugs than we create, hence the scarce features and numerous fixes.

The bulk of the improvements is centered around the administration interface. The configuration assistant gained in functionality, stability and consistency.

Below is the summary of the user-visible changes and occasional features that we managed to slip in. Users of previous versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to "EAT", which we believe to be more predictable and better tested.

Features of this release

  • You can now configure your ondemand flows to force displaying a file download dialog when the user browses to the media URL, instead of relying on the web browser handling of the file.
  • The assistant displays more precise and user-friendly messages and is more thorough in checking for the correct working environment for your flow. It's also capable of presenting a list of connected FireWire cameras allowing you to choose any of them.

Known issues

  • The overlay component continues to be broken. The regression introduced in gstreamer-plugins-good version 0.10.10 is still present, we hope to be able to fix it before the next Flumotion release.

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 604 : [gtk admin] UI bug showing volume widget in completely the wrong place
  • 710 : in the wizard, selecting alsa sound card for a device you don'th ave permissions for gives a GStreamer error, not permission denied.
  • 829 : Unify keyframe spacing encoding property
  • 891 : smoke wizard glade has settings but wizard step doesn't use them
  • 898 : wizard should tell you when it is checking worker capability
  • 910 : wizard produces firewire flow with wrong (rounded?) fps
  • 947 : Add a apache logger option to the httpstreamer/httpserver wizard page
  • 949 : at the wizard, firewire audio can be configured when firewire video is not selected
  • 970 : Clean up framerate/fraction mess in the wizard
  • 995 : Check for porter mount point collissions
  • 1026 : problems with component tooltips in component list
  • 1036 : worker name in component view should be handled differently
  • 1063 : fix firewire messages for new firewire stack
  • 1073 : If a lost component exists, the wizard fails to erase the previous stream
  • 1100 : Tell the user that if he's in doubt, chose the default options
  • 1104 : flumotion-admin wizard: "Demand" page should use a button
  • 1125 : flumotion-admin: Consumption: Forward is disbled for Save To Disk
  • 1126 : flumotion-admin: Back/Forward adds duplicates to left-hand list
  • 1128 : flumotion-admin: disker: "Record on startup" checkbox is ignored
  • 1135 : flumotion-admin: Firewire Video: Bad defaults
  • 1138 : flumotion-admin handles authentication problems badly
  • 1142 : models.py:742 ComponentValidationError: encoder component encoder-audio must have at least one feeder
  • 1145 : flumotion-admin: Exports a hostname of "None" in http-server properties
  • 1152 : Rename norwegian bokmål translation
  • 1170 : bug filer widget files bugs with the component wrong
  • 1176 : not clear how muxers should name their eaters
  • 1178 : No such method: remote_scheduleRecordings when selecting a iCal file using disker with the GUI
  • 1179 : Block or delete the "Start new manager and connect to it" option from the Flumotion Admin' Greeter on windows
  • 1183 : Firewire wizard page should let the user choose between all the available cameras
  • 1187 : On Demand's file selector browses the local directories instead of the worker's ones
  • 1207 : Sound card wizard page does not block the froward button while probing the device nor when probe failed
  • 1208 : soundcard audio-producer's 'Volume' tab crashes
  • 1209 : The 'Statistics' tab of http-streamer component offers a wrong url to the user
  • 1210 : The text of the checkbox from the adminwindow's Volume tab is not fully clear
  • 1230 : RRD plug does not log Long values
  • 1231 : Multiple porters should be created when the streamers are on different workers
  • 1232 : The HTTP Streaming wizard step should be deleted or replaced
  • 1236 : Admin window updates the componentview even when the selected component is the same as before
  • 1244 : http cached provider sends truncated files
  • 1245 : mimetypes.py:126 TypeError: gnomevfs.mime_get_default_application() argument 1 must be string, not None
  • 1253 : New encoders added to an existing flow with a firewire-producer cannot feed from the producer
  • 1255 : fileprovider-localcached has a race condition when calculating cache usage
  • 1256 : ratecontroller-fixed has a race condition when the producer gets deregistered while there's pending data to send to the client.
  • 1257 : http-ondemand has a race condition when the consumer goes away while we're waiting for data to be read asynchronously
  • 1268 : eventcalendar supports EXDATE (and should know that)
  • 1269 : eventcalendar interprets the RECURRENCE-ID incorrectly
  • 1274 : Firewire check doesn't specify the video pad and it fails occasionally when obtaining the negotiated caps


You can find source releases of flumotion in the flumotion download directory.

Flumotion Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website, http://flumotion.net/.

Support and Issues

We use an issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.


You can browse the flumotion git repository from our tracker.

The development version can be obtained from our git repository:
git clone git://code.flumotion.com/flumotion.git

Contributors to this release

  • Arek Korbik
  • Jan Urbański
  • Julien Le Goff
  • Murray Cumming
  • Pedro Gracia
  • Sebastien Merle
  • Thomas Vander Stichele
  • Xavier Martinez
  • Xavier Queralt Mateu
  • Zaheer Abbas Merali

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